Press Releases

Press Releases



13 Jan 2014

"SMIC Liver Transplant Program for Children" Helps 18 Kids

22 Jan 2014

Dual-interface Financial IC Card Chip Based on SMIC's eEEPROM Platform Gains CC EAL4+ Certification

26 Jan 2014

SMIC Unveils 28nm Readiness and MPW Milestone

27 Jan 2014

SMIC Announces Fourth Quarter 2013 Webcast Conference Call

09 Feb 2014

ARM and SMIC Broaden IP Partnership with 28nm Process for Mobile and Consumer Applications

17 Feb 2014

SMIC Reports 2013 Fourth Quarter Results

20 Feb 2014

SMIC and JCET Establish a Joint Venture to Build China's Local IC Manufacturing Supply Chain

18 Mar 2014

SMIC Attends SEMICON China 2014, Dr. Tzu-Yin Chiu Receives Outstanding EHS Achievement Award

19 Mar 2014

CEVA, SMIC and Brite Semiconductor Partner to Provide Hard Macro Versions of CEVA DSP Cores and Platforms

24 Mar 2014

SMIC Awarded Mirror Post "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award"

25 Mar 2014

SMIC Offers a Full Set of ESD Protection Service to Enhance the Whole chip ESD design for Customers

14 Apr 2014

SMIC Announces First Quarter 2014 Webcast Conference Call

15 Apr 2014

SMIC Appoints Hiroshi Ogawa as General Manager of SMIC Japan

24 Apr 2014

SMIC Kicks Off 6th Technology Workshop in Shanghai

28 Apr 2014

SMIC Reports 2014 First Quarter Results

16 May 2014

SMIC Forms RD Consortium with Universities, Research Academy, and Industrial Partners to Speed Up Advance Technology Development

20 May 2014

SMIC Offers Stable and Robust Wafer Productions for Fingerprint Sensors

29 May 2014

SMIC Donates an Additional 2 Million Yuan to its Children's Liver Transplant Program

29 May 2014

SMIC will Host its First Showcase in Design Automation Conference

04 Jun 2014

SMIC Announces Potential Non-exempt Connected Transactions: Potential Exercise Of Pre-emptive Rights By Datang And Country Hill

05 Jun 2014

SMIC Announces Placing of Existing Shares and Subscription of New Shares, Proposed Issue of US$95 Million Zero Coupon Convertible Bonds Due 2018, and Pre-emptive Rights of Datang and Country Hill

05 Jun 2014

SMIC and Brite Creates New Network Platform

24 Jun 2014

SMIC Establishes the First 12 inch CIS Supply Chain in China

03 Jul 2014

SMIC and Qualcomm Collaborate on 28nm Wafer Production in China

14 Jul 2014

SMIC Announces Second Quarter 2014 Webcast Conference Call

21 Jul 2014

SMIC Revises Up Second Quarter 2014 Gross Margin Guidance

04 Aug 2014

HED Launches the First 55nm Smart Card Chip Based on SMIC's 55nm LL eFlash Platform

06 Aug 2014

SMIC Reports 2014 Second Quarter Results

08 Aug 2014

SMIC and JCET Establish a Joint Venture in Jiangyin National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

28 Aug 2014

SMIC Announces Unaudited 2014 Interim Results

28 Aug 2014

SMIC selected in "Mainland Enterprises Listed in Hong Kong Ranking Award"

10 Sep 2014

SMIC Introduces Independently Developed 38nm NAND Process Technology

18 Sep 2014

2014 SMIC Technology Symposium Will Kick Off in Shanghai

26 Sep 2014

SMIC Announces Proposed Issue of US$500 Million 4.125% Bonds Due 2019

29 Sep 2014

SMIC Gives 2014 “Best IP Partner Award” of the Year

21 Oct 2014

SMIC Announces Third Quarter 2014 Webcast Conference Call

23 Oct 2014

SMIC and Maxscend Collaborate on 55nm RF IP Platform

27 Oct 2014

SMIC and ASML sign a Volume Purchase Agreement worth 450 million Euros

05 Nov 2014

SMIC Reports 2014 Third Quarter Results

16 Dec 2014

SMIC's Shenzhen Fab Goes into Operation - The first 8-inch wafer production line in Southern China

18 Dec 2014

SMIC Successfully Produces Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor in 28nm Process

22 Dec 2014

SMIC Announces Co-investment Agreement and Investment Exit Agreement in Relation to Proposed Acquisition