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SMIC Announces 2022 ESG Report


ESG Performance Highlights in 2022

Environmental Performance Social Performance

  • GHG emissions per unit:10.2 kg CO2e/8-inch equivalent wafer photomask layer
  • Power consumption per unit:10.3 kWh/8-inch equivalent wafer photomask layer
  • Waste generated per unit:0.42kg/8-inch equivalent wafer photomask layer
  • Water consumption per unit:0.088ton/8-inch equivalent wafer photomask layer

Social Performance

  • The number of full-time employees:21,619

  •  Per employee training hours:39

  •  The number of fresh graduates recruited:2,132

  •  The number of courses offered:2,579

  •  Employee volunteer service hours:40,987

  •  The SMIC Liver Transplant Program for Children has helped underprivileged children:745

  •  The cumulative donation amount of the SMIC Liver Transplant Program for Children is nearly:40 million yuan

Letter from the Chairman


After 22 years of trials and hardships, SMIC has won trust, support and assistance from a wide range of stakeholders. Hence, we would like to express our sincerest gratitude.

Looking back to 2022, the global integrated circuit industry has experienced daunting challenges posed by the downward shocks of the industry. Thanks to the strong support from all sectors of society and the joint efforts of all our employees, and by giving top priority to guaranteeing manufacturing and capacity expansion, SMIC achieved a record high business performance through vigorous striving despite adversity and entered a new stage of development.

SMIC has always regarded solid corporate governance as the cornerstone of sustainable development. The Company, under the leadership and supervision of the Board of Directors, tracks the policy updates of regulators and the development of capital market in real time, actively performs the responsibilities and obligations of ESG governance, and strengthens risk management and control, to ensure that the Company operates in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We are also making constant innovation on our journey of corporate development, winning the trust of customers world-wide with better products and services, while making steady progress on the path of sustainable development.

SMIC always believes that employee success is an important goal of corporate development. We attract talents from all over the world extensively based on the principles of diversity, fairness, and inclusiveness, focus on building medium- and long-term incentive

mechanisms, and continuously improve our staff training systems. We have integrated humanistic care into our corporate gene, strengthened the cohesion of our teams with long-cultivated corporate culture, and made every effort to create a warm, loving and energetic working environment, to facilitate a holistic employee development.

We actively responded to the national strategic objectives of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. Based on our industrial context, we identified climate risks, formulated feasible and effective measures, and integrated energy conservation and environmental protection into the whole process of our operation, to promote the vigorous development of green industry. Together with all employees, we have carried out various environmental activities to contribute our share in protecting lucid waters and lush mountains.

Joining hands with partners in the industrial chain, we actively advocated and devoted ourselves to public welfare for social progress. 2022 marks the tenth year of the SMIC Liver Transplant Program for Children. SMIC mobilized all sectors of society including our employees, relevant companies and charity supporters to join the program with donation accumulated to a total of nearly 40 million yuan, assisting more than 700 needy children with liver diseases.

Looking forward to 2023, in the face of the complex external environment and the cyclical impacts of the industry, SMIC will always adhere to the principle of operating in compliance with laws and regulations as well as the ESG philosophy of "Caring for people, the environment and society", and work with all stakeholders to jointly promote a coordinated and sustainable development of economic growth, environmental friendliness and social harmony for a better future.


Dr. Gao  Yonggang
Chairman of the Board 


SMIC Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2022