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SMIC and Cadence Announce the Availability of 65-Nanometer Low power Reference Flow 4.0

29 Oct 2009

Reference Flow 4.0
Shanghai  [2009-10-29]

Fully Integrated Power-Efficient Flow Enables Fast, Easy Design of Low-Power Leading-Edge Devices

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 29, 2009 – Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS), the leader in global electronic design innovation, today announced that it has delivered a comprehensive low-power design flow for engineers targeting the 65-nanometer process at Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation ("SMIC"; NYSE: SMI and SEHK: 0981.HK). Based on the Cadence? Low-Power Solution, the flow enables faster design of leading-edge, low-power semiconductors using a single, comprehensive design platform.
“Power is now a critical design constraint, as important as timing and area from both a technology and cost standpoint,” said Max Liu, Vice President of the Design Services Center at SMIC. “The SMIC-Cadence Reference Flow 4.0 addresses the need for power-efficient design innovation with an advanced, automated low-power design capability.”
Validation of the flow was accomplished through implementation of low-power chips utilizing SMIC’s in-house–designed 65-nanometer libraries, including effective current source model (ECSM) standard cells, power management cells, PLLs, SRAMs and I/O libraries. Low-power technologies employed in the design include power gating and multi-supply/multi-voltage (MSMV) techniques to reduce leakage and dynamic power consumption.
“Power efficiency is a key requirement for many new semiconductors, yet designers sometimes think it’s too new and therefore too risky,” said Steve Carlson, vice president of product marketing at Cadence. “The Cadence Low-Power Solution provides a complete, silicon-validated front-to-back flow for designers targeting SMIC’s 65-nanometer process technology, including functional and structural verification, while increasing productivity. It’s fast, easy and proven.”
The SMIC 65-nanometer low-power Reference Flow 4.0 includes the Cadence Low-Power Solution, with Encounter? Conformal? Low Power, Incisive? Enterprise Simulator, Encounter RTL Compiler, Encounter Digital Implementation System, Cadence QRC Extraction, Encounter Timing System and Encounter Power System.

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