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SMIC Holds Technology Symposium 2006 in Shanghai

08 Sep 2006

shanghai  [2006-09-08]

Shanghai, China, September 8, 2006-Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 981) ("SMIC" or the "Company") held its SMIC Technology Symposium today, attracting more than 300 customers, design services providers, technology partners, and vendors.

In the opening speech, SMIC Vice President, Dr. Naiyung Chen reviewed some of SMIC’s accomplishments during the past year, including the commencement of both 90nm logic mass production on 300mm wafers in Beijing and 65nm logic process development. Dr Chen also noted that SMIC has expanded its IP portfolio to over 400 IPs and strengthened its IP support in the 0.13um and 90nm process nodes. With its 300mm bumping line and two joint ventures, TSES (Toppan SMIC Electronics (shanghai) Co.,Ltd) and AT2(Assembly and Testing 2), having commenced production, SMIC provides world-class and full chain foundry services to global and domestic customers.

Dr. David Hu, Chairman & CEO of Chipnuts Technology (Shanghai) Inc., presented the keynote speech on "Consumer Electronics and Semiconductor Industry - Perspectives for a Paradigm Shift ".

SMIC's strategic partner, Saifun Semiconductors, presented performance results manufactured by SMIC using 90nm logic-based process technology. In addition, SMIC presented its latest developments and services in advanced logic technologies, mixed-sign, RF, spice modeling, and memory, embedded memory technology, high voltage, sensor, and display technologies.

The symposium also featured an exhibition by over 30 IP, library, EDA, and assembly and testing partners.

About SMIC
SMIC (NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 981) is one of the leading semiconductor foundries in the world and the largest and most advanced foundry in Mainland China, providing integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing service at 0.35mm to 90nm and finer line technologies. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, SMIC operates three 200mm fabs in Shanghai and one in Tianjin, and one 300mm fab in Beijing, the first of its kind in Mainland China. SMIC has customer service and marketing offices in the U.S., Italy, and Japan as well as a representative office in Hong Kong. For additional information, please visit

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