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MOSYS' Ultra-High Reliability 1T-SRAM-R Technology Verified on SMIC 0.13-micron Logic Process

28 Jul 2004

shanghai  [2004-07-28]

Customers benefit from Transparent Error Correction for increasing density, quality, and elimination of laser repair

SUNNYVALE, Calif., and SHANGHAI, China, July 28th, 2004 ?C MoSys, Inc. (NASDAQ: MOSY), the industry’s leading provider of high density embedded memory solutions, and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC; NYSE: SMI; HKSE: 981), one of the leading semiconductor foundries in the world, announced that MoSys' 1T-SRAM-RÒ technology incorporating Transparent Error Correctionä (TEC) is silicon-proven in SMIC’s 0.13 micron logic process. This extends the existing cooperation between the companies as an additional optimized high-density memory solution is now available to SMIC’s foundry customers.

“SMIC’s silicon verification of MoSys’ 0.13um high density, 1T-SRAM-R memory gives our customers access to exceptional memory technology that has been verified on two of SMIC’s standard logic processes: 0.18, and now, 0.13 micron,” stated James Sung, vice president of sales and marketing at SMIC. “Both 1T-SRAM-R offerings not only help our customers realize additional product cost savings through TEC; they also significantly reduce design risk and enhance our customer’s ability to create complex SoC designs using MoSys’ unique memory architecture.”

"Our 1T-SRAM-R embedded memory technology continues to demonstrate its exceptional scalability and portability, while improving yields, Soft Error Rate (SER) and reliability through built-in Transparent Error Correction," commented Fu-Chieh Hsu, president and CEO of MoSys. "MoSys' 1T-SRAM-R memory, which has been silicon-verified with very high yields on SMIC’s logic process, provides their customers with access to high-density 0.13-micron memory technology and delivers the added benefit of simplifying production flow by eliminating laser repair."

About SMIC
SMIC is one of the leading semiconductor foundries in the world. As a foundry, SMIC provides integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing at 0.35-micron to 0.13-micron technologies. Established in April 2000, SMIC, a Cayman Islands company, operates three 8-inch wafer fabrication facilities in the Zhangjiang High-Tech Park in Shanghai, and an 8-inch wafer fabrication facility in Tianjin, China. In addition, SMIC is currently constructing 12-inch wafer fabrication facilities in Beijing, China. SMIC's Fab 1 was named one of two "Top Fabs of the Year 2003" by Semiconductor International, a leading industry publication in May 2003. In addition to IC manufacturing, SMIC provides customers with a full range of services, including design services, mask manufacturing and wafer probe test. For more information, please visit

Founded in 1991, MoSys (NASDAQ: MOSY), develops, licenses and markets innovative memory technologies for semiconductors. MoSys' patented 1T-SRAM technologies offer a combination of high density, low power consumption, high speed and low cost unmatched by other available memory technologies.
The single transistor bit cell used in 1T-SRAM memory results in the technology achieving much higher density than traditional four or six transistor SRAMs, while using the same standard logic manufacturing processes.1T-SRAM technologies also offer the familiar, refresh-free interface and high performance for random address access cycles associated with traditional SRAMs.
In addition, these technologies can reduce power consumption by a factor of four compared with traditional SRAM technology, contributing to making it ideal for embedding large memories in System on Chip (SoC) designs. MoSys' licensees have shipped more than 50 million chips incorporating 1T-SRAM embedded memories, demonstrating the excellent manufacturability of the technology in a wide range of silicon processes and applications. MoSys is headquartered at 1020 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94085. More information is available on MoSys' website at

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