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VeriSilicon Provided Backend Design Service for COMMIT 3G TD-SCDMA Chip, Achieved

08 Dec 2004

shanghai   [2004-12-08]

(Shanghai, China, December 8, 2004)
COMMIT Incorporated (“COMMIT”) achieved “first silicon success” at Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (NYSE: SMI; SEHK: 0981.HK) on its 3G TD-SCDMA chip. COMMIT was responsible for the system design and the front-end design and VeriSilicon Microelectronics (“VeriSilicon”) provided its SMIC 0.18um library and backend design service. The project was kicked off in April of 2004 and working samples were delivered in August. This ASIC chip has passed system tests and samples of chips will be available soon. This ASIC chip , which is the first 3G chip designed, fabricated, and tested exclusively in China.
COMMIT announced a complete TD-SCDMA chip set solution with its own intellectual property, and showcased the TD-SCDMA device based on COMMIT’s technology at the recent Beijing International Communication Exhibition & TD-SCDMA Industry Summit in Beijing. Dr. Tao Xiongqiang, Chairman of TD-SCDMA Alliance and the Chairman of COMMIT said, “The complete terminal solution from COMMIT will help change the current situation in which China telecommunication terminal industry relies exclusively on imported solutions. The complete terminal chipset provided by COMMIT will shorten the development cycle of terminal devices, and speed up commercialization of TD-SCDMA terminal products.”
Mr. Even Yu, the President and CEO of COMMIT said: “It was a great challenge to design and manufacture a complex communication chip in China. VeriSilicon’s ‘one-stop-shop’ service not only saved us time and effort, but also assured product quality, which was the key to timely mass production.”
Dr. Richard Chang, Chairman, President and CEO of SMIC said: “Domestic design, manufacturing, packaging and testing of 3G chips are critical to the market adoption of the technology. We believe that the market for 3G devices in China is potentially great and hope to continue providing manufacturing services for such market.”
Dr. Wayne Dai, Chairman, President, and CEO of VeriSilicon also noted: “I am excited to see that a locally designed and fabricated 3G ASIC chip can move to production so quickly in China. As far as the 3G market is concerned, the key is the terminal device whose core is the silicon chip. Our successful collaboration with COMMIT and SMIC is an embodiment of our business vision as a design foundry. It is just like a symphony, the exact notes of all instruments are required at the right moment to reach perfect outcome. The TD-SCDMA cellular phone chip is the result of a perfect partnership! VeriSilicon is looking forward to working together with our partners to create more and more chips to address the exciting market opportunities.”

COMMIT Incorporated, China’s first joint stock limited company formed to address 3G multimedia mobile terminal market, is funded by seventeen globally acknowledged domestic and foreign companies. Totaling 230 million RMB in capital investment, COMMIT’s major investors consist of six well known and respected enterprises: China PUTIAN Corporation, China Academy of Telecommunications Technology (CATT), Hyper Market International Limited, LG Electronics, Inc., Nokia (China) Investment Co. Limited, and Texas Instruments (China). COMMIT’s multimedia mobile terminal solutions are convergence of cutting edge technologies, showcasing advances in: Integrated Circuit (IC) design, Software (SW) development, consumer electronics know how, and telecommunications expertise. These solutions are the basis for a line of innovative and cost effective products for 3G and beyond. Through internal development and technology partnerships, COMMIT is poised to play a major role in Chinese, as well as global, mobile terminal market and core technology.With an initial focus on TD-SCDMA terminal technologies, COMMIT is developing a complete chipset solution which includes: Digital Base Band (DBB), Analogue Base Band (ABB), Radio Frequency (RF), and SW protocol stack. In addition, MODEM communications module and reference design will also be developed. For more information, please visit

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