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SMIC's Fab 1 awarded top fab honor

01 May 2003

Shanghai  [2003-05-01]

SMIC's Fab 1 Awarded Top Fab Honor
(Shanghai, China, May 1, 2003) -- Semiconductor International Manufacturing Corporation's (SMIC) Fab 1, located in Zhangjiang High-Tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, has been named Top Fab of the Year for 2003. This is a prestigious award presented annually by Semiconductor International (SI) journal to top-of-the-line fab facilities. The other top fab named by SI for this year is Intel’s Fab 11X.
“We are delighted to select SMIC as one of the top fabs in the world in 2003. We based our decision on many factors, including manufacturing capability, ramp-time, degree of automation, contamination control procedures, and consideration given to worker and environmental health and safety. We found SMIC to excel in all these areas. We were particularly impressed with how quickly SMIC was able to put copper processing capabilities into volume production,” said Peter Singer, Editor-in-Chief of SI.
“SMIC is honored that Semiconductor International has recognized our Fab 1 as one of the world’s top IC manufacturing facilities. At the heart of SMIC’s IC manufacturing infrastructure is its state of the art manufacturing facilities, strong fab management, and R&D expertise, that enables us to provide world-class customer support,” said Marco Mora, Vice President of SMIC’s Operations 1.
The first fab facility in China to receive this honor, SMIC’s rapid advancement has significantly narrowed the foundry’s IC technology gap with global players rolling out fully qualified 0.35-0.18-micron processes and 0.13-micron copper backend services in a little over 1.5 years since initial pilot production. This has enabled SMIC to position itself as a high-quality foundry in the global IC manufacturing landscape. In line with its emphasis on technology advancement, SMIC achieved ISO14001 (June 2002) and ISO9001 (July 2002) certification in its commitment to environmental protection and quality excellence. The award will be announced in the May 2003 issue of SI.

About SMIC
SMIC is the first pure-play advanced IC foundry in China to achieve volume production for 8-inch wafers at 0.25-micron, 0.18-micron and finer line technologies. Established in April 2000, SMIC is a Cayman Islands company based in Shanghai. The foundry provides customers with a full range of services that include design services, mask manufacturing, wafer fabrication as well as testing. For more information, please visit

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