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VeriSilicon announced release of library products for SMIC 0.15-micron (G/LV) process technology

10 Oct 2003

Shanghai  [2003-10-10]

Shanghai, China, October 10, 2003――VeriSilicon, Inc., a leading provider of SoC Intellectual Property, announced today the release of VeriSilicon's Standard Design Platform for Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) 0.15-micron generic (G) and low voltage (LV) CMOS process technologies. The Standard Design Platform includes standard cell library, I/O cell library and memory compilers for single port and dual port SRAM, single port and two port register file, and diffusion programmable ROM.
The Standard Design Platform was optimized specifically for SMIC's 0.15-micron (G/LV) process technology and characterized using the latest electrical models. It has been proven in silicon through SMIC's MPW prototyping service. In addition, the design platform supports industry-leading EDA tools from Cadence Design Systems, Inc., Magma Design Automation, Inc., Mentor Graphics Corporate, and Synopsys, Inc.
“We are very pleased to see our major customers in US have achieved the first silicon success of multi-million gate chips using VeriSilicon 0.18-micron libraries,” said Wayne Dai, President and CEO of VeriSilicon. "Similar to releasing VeriSilicon SMIC 0.18-micron Standard Design Platform last year, VeriSilicon delivered the first silicon-proven Standard Design Platform for SMIC's 0.15-micron generic and low voltage process technologies. With close proximity with SMIC wafer foundry, our Shanghai R&D team worked closely with the SMIC device modeling team to improve the quality of the Standard Design Platform in a short period of time.”
“We are very happy to partner with VeriSilicon in delivering the Standard Design Platform on SMIC's 0.15-micron (G and LV) technology”, said Dr. Sam T. Wang, president of SMIC Americas, “As one of the global leading library providers, VeriSilicon delivered the solution in a timely fashion and provide high quality support to our mutual customers. We look forward to continuing the close relationship with VeriSilicon in developing Standard Design Platforms on SMIC process technologies.”

About VeriSilicon
Founded in 2001, VeriSilicon Holding is a Cayman Islands Company. It has subsidiary in Santa Clara, US, VeriSilicon, Inc., as well as subsidiaries in Shanghai, China, and Taipei, Taiwan. Its mission is to become a leading ASIC Design Foundry, providing design services and turn-key services including design, manufacturing, packaging, testing, and delivery. To establish the infrastructure for ASIC design foundry, VeriSilicon offers Standard Design Platforms including standard cell libraries, I/O cell libraries, and memory compilers, optimized specifically for emerging semiconductor wafer foundries. Currently VeriSilicon provides the Standard Design Platforms for Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (GSMC), Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation of Shanghai (ASMC), and Shanghai Hua Hong NEC Electronics Co., Ltd. (HHNEC), covering 0.15-micron, 0.18-micron, 0.25-micron, 0.35-micron, and 0.6-micron process technologies. For more information, please visit VeriSilicon’s website at

About SMIC
As China's most advanced foundry, SMIC provides IC manufacturing at 0.35-micron, 0.25-micron, 0.18-micron, and 0.15-micron technologies, as well as 0.13-micron copper backend services. Established in April 2000, SMIC is a Cayman Islands company with three 8-inch fabs in volume production in Shanghai and a 12-inch facility currently under construction in Beijing. In May 2003, SMIC's Fab1 was named one of the two "Top Fabs of the Year 2003" by Semiconductor International magazine, a leading industry publication. In addition to IC manufacturing, SMIC provides customers with a full range of services that includes design services, mask manufacturing and testing. As a result of its dedication towards providing high quality services and protecting the environment, all three fabs in Shanghai have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications. For more information, please visit

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