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Fujitsu & SMIC conclude foundry agreement

01 Feb 2002

Shanghai,China  [2002-02-01]

Fujitsu Limited and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) today announce the concluding of Foundry Agreement between the parties. This agreement includes manufacturing project of 0.22-micron and 0.18-micron FCRAMTM (Fast Cycle RAM) Products at SMIC's manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

Fujitsu's strength in this new generation of low power high performance Application Specific Memory is particularly suitable in the area of wireless cellular phone and portable electronics the most. As a matter of fact, Fujitsu has already established a certain position in Japan domestic market with this Application Specific Memory, so-called FCRAM. And the expanding demand in the markets in Europe, United States and Mainland China, those areas have become the next target fields for Fujitsu to promote and to acquire the high share with the world's competitive FCRAM Product.

"This agreement signifies Fujitsu's commitment to our customers worldwide," commented Shinji Suzuki, Group Senior Vice President, Electronic Devices Group, Fujitsu, "SMIC is the ultimate production partner with its leading-edge processing technologies, cost competitiveness and the shortest development time in the industry, meeting all our manufacturing requirements with speed and flexibility. This will enable FJ to provide best service to our customers in terms of lead-time, flexibility and cost. Our long term partnership aims at establishing a firm, competitive base in China."

"SMIC looks forward to the long term partnership with a technology leader like Fujitsu." said Richard Chang, President & CEO of SMIC. "China has a huge domestic market and is also quickly becoming the global center of manufacturing for electronics products. The potential of Silicon consumption is immense. SMIC's objective is to become the premier foundry service provider serving China and the global market. This agreement and future cooperation between our two companies help a great deal in achieving our objectives."

Established in April 2000, SMIC is now completing a complex of manufacturing facilities in Shanghai that will start production of FCRAM, SRAM, Standard

Logic, Analog IC, Flash Memories and LCD driver IC in the first quarter of 2002. SMIC is targeting to have a production capacity of 30,000/month by the end of 2002.

Outline of SMIC
- Company: Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.
- Incorporation: The Cayman Islands
- Factory: Shanghai, China
- President & CEO: Richard Chang
- Date of Establishment: April 2000
- Equity Raised: Over US$1 billion
- Employees: Approximately 1600

"FCRAM" is a trademark of FUJITSU LIMITED