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VeriSilicon and SMIC announce release of 0.18-micron library to support customers

07 Aug 2002

Shanghai,China  [2002-08-07]

VeriSilicon Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (formerly Celestry Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.), a leading intellectual property provider for semiconductor manufacturing foundries in China, and Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), a premier semiconductor manufacturing foundry in China announced today the release of VeriSilicon's Standard Design Platform for SMIC's 0.18-micron CMOS process. The Standard Design Platform includes memory compilers for single port and dual port SRAM, Diffusion programmable ROM, standard cell library and I/O cell library.
The Standard Design Platform was optimized specifically for SMIC's 0.18-micron CMOS process and has been proven in silicon through SMIC's Silicon Shuttle Prototyping Service. In addition, the design platform supports industry-leading EDA tools and is available to support all SMIC customers.

"VeriSilicon delivered the first silicon-proven Standard Design Platform including cell libraries and memory compilers for SMIC's 0.18-micron technology," said Wayne Dai, the Chairman and CEO of VeriSilicon. "Based on our Standard Design Platform, we are currently working with several semiconductor IP providers to tape out test chips for IPs, including embedded microprocessors and DSPs."

"We are seeing tremendous customer interest in our 0.18-micron technology and silicon foundry service," said Richard Chang, the President & CEO of SMIC. "Our 0.18-micron ramp-up strategy requires availability of the Standard Design Platform including cell libraries, memory compilers, and semiconductor IPs. We have been working closely with VeriSilicon and are very impressed by their technical strength. This library's superior timing performance, low power consumption and high area density will allow our business to grow significantly by attracting many new design projects. "

About VeriSilicon
VeriSilicon Microelectronics(Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Cayman Islands company, founded in 2002 by Celestry Design Technologies, Inc., with its headquarters in Shanghai, China. Its mission is to become a leading provider of Standard Design Platform including standard cell library, I/O cell library and Memory Compliers for foundries in China. The Platforms are silicon-proven and validated by major EDA tools. VeriSilicon will provide Fabless and Chipless ASIC Design Foundry Services, ranging from back-end ASIC design services to ASIC turn-key services, to fabless companies and system companies. For more information, please visit VeriSilicon's website at

About SMIC
Established in April 2000, SMIC is a Cayman Islands company with its headquarters in Shanghai, China. SMIC offers leading technology, fast turnaround production and customizable outsourced semiconductor manufacturing services for major integrated device manufacturers, fabless design houses and system OEMs. SMIC's key services include IC design, mask shop services, manufacturing, packaging, and testing, providing customers with a one-stop full service solution. For more information, please visit SMIC's website at

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