Press Releases

SMIC technology open house

26 Oct 2001

Shanghai,China  [2001-10-26]

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. held its first Technology Open House on October 26, 2001. Over two hundred guests, hailing from all over the semiconductor industry, attended this all day conference. Shanghai Pudong Area Director Mr. Hu was among the distinguished guests at the Technology Open House. This event featured SMIC's renown Technology Development team as they highlighted SMIC's world-class wafer processing technology and other quality services and capabilities.

The conference commenced with opening remarks from SMIC's CEO and President Dr. Richard Chang. Dr. Chang reiterated SMIC's dedicated and experienced technology teams, which is led by SMIC's Vice President of Technology Development-Dr. Simon Yang, and technology fellows such as Dr. James Sung, Roger Lee and others. These distinguished fellows all gave up their prestige and wealth overseas and dedicated their efforts and experience to China's new semiconductor industry. The engineers joining SMIC all share the same passion and dedication for China and this industry. They come with a common vision, mission, passion, and objective to build up China's most advance fabs and offer the world quality services and products.

The event continued with SMIC Vice President of Operations Dr. T.Y. Chiu presenting a brief company introduction. With a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and formerly the fab director for TSMC's Fab 4 and Fab 5, Dr. Chiu brings to SMIC his extensive expertise and experience.

At the conference, most attention were given to SMIC's new Vice President of Technology Development Dr. Simon Yang. Dr. Yang has served at Intel for the past fourteen years, and was Intel's Director of Device and Process Integration. Dr. Yang introduced SMIC's advanced technologies and announced SMIC's capability to process 200mm wafers at 0.25-micron technology, with plans to expand capability to 0.18-micron technology by early 2002.

Dr. Yang emphasized that with SMIC's strong technology development team, SMIC will approach world's most advanced semiconductor technologies by 2004.

Next, SMIC fellow of Technology and Development Dr. James Sung introduced SMIC's advancements in Mixed Signal, RF, and HV technologies. Memory and SOC technologies were then detailed by Roger Lee, also an SMIC fellow in the Technology and Development Department.

Dr. James Sung, who earned his PhD from Princeton University, holds over sixty patents for semiconductor technologies in both the United States and Taiwan. Roger Lee is currently the holder of 115 patents in the United States. As part of its complete turnkey service, SMIC also provides VLSI processes, maskshop, IC design, assembly, and testing services.

China's current IC industry is dominated by 6-inch and below wafers and 0.5 and above micron technology. It is onto this stage that SMIC's technology will make its confident debut as the most advanced in China. Whether or not SMIC can catch up with the world's best by 2004 is a question that has captured global attention. That which enthusiastic customers have helped answer today, however, is that they have taken a successful first step in that direction.