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SMIC raises more than $1 billion in Series A round financing

10 Nov 2001

Shanghai,China  [2001-11-10]

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation ("SMIC"), China's first advanced open-IC foundry, announces that it has successfully secured more than $1 billion of capital through the sale of Series A Preferred Shares on September 25, 2001.

The investor group includes preeminent financial institutions and strategic industry partners such as Shanghai Industrial Holdings Limited, Goldman Sachs, H&Q Asia Pacific Limited, Walden International, and a Singapore consortium led by Vertex Management. With this global network of strategic and financial investors, this first round brings SMIC a total commitment of more than $1 billion.

In addition to equity financing, SMIC is currently securing a $480 million loan from domestic banks. The total capital financing raised will be used by SMIC to fund its construction of three advanced wafer fabrication plants in the Zhang Jiang Hi-Tech Park, located in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai, China. SMIC is currently the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing facilities in China, operating at 0.25-micron and below processing technology in the production of various integrated circuits ("ICs") to be used in commercial products ranging from mobile phones to laptop computers.

Established in April 2000, SMIC is a Cayman Islands Company with headquarters in Shanghai, China. SMIC offers leading technology, fast turnaround production and customizable outsourced semiconductor manufacturing services for major integrated device manufacturers, fabless design houses and system OEMs. SMIC's key services include IC design, mask shop, manufacturing, packaging, and testing, providing our customers with a one-stop full service solution. Pilot production has already begun in Fab 1 and volume output is expected by the beginning of 2002. Fab 2 is planned to begin equipment installation by August 2002 and commence pilot production by the end of 2002.

SMIC continues to recruit top-notch engineers from both international and China domestic talent pools. Second phase of construction for the employee residential community will be completed by July of 2002, accommodating another 700 employees and their families.

SMIC's world-class construction efforts coupled with an international cast of exceptional management and technical teams is highly praised by our shareholders and customers. Investor confidence is clearly illustrated by SMIC's successful first round capital financing.

More information about SMIC's management team, technology, and services is available on SMIC's website.